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Language: English
Pages: 122
Format: PDF
Size: 20.5Mb

Language - Portuguese | Format - PDF | 148 pages | Size - 35.1 mb.

Language - English | Format - PDF | 144 pages | Size - 43.6 mb.

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PG - Online 
Men of New Orleans 

PG - Online 

Here’s a spicy Italian sausage that will make your trouser stallion get up on its hind legs and start puffing steam out of its pee-hole.

PG September/October 2008 
"Hard Labour"

DNA Issue 207 – 2017 AU

PG December 2003


"Island Treasure"

PG September 1998


Photography: Ron Davis 

Modeliste Men’s — September 2017

Muscle & Fitness Germany - Dezember 2017
Muscle & Fitness Germany - Dezember 2017
German | 148 Pages | PDF | 69
 FS International - October/November 2017

English | 44 pages | True PDF | 26 MB

 I believe, there is no need to introduce you Randy Blue‘s biggest star Chris Rockway. He was also honored by Men Machine as the Man of the Year

One of the hottest Randy Blue‘s models, Ryan Rockford covers the latest issue of Men Magazine.


The new Australian Firefighters Calendar for will certainly bring the fire to 2018.

Men's Health Australia - December 2017 
 Men's Health Australia - December 2017
English | 132 pages | True PDF | 51.0 MB

Life’s pretty awesome for Tom Faulk. The carefree 24-year old spends his days drinking beer, smoking weed and going balls-to-the-wall with his motocross buddies – pulling stunts, jumps, burnouts, and tearing up the acreage around his uncle’s ranch with dreams of going pro. Drunken parties, testosterone induced brawls, brutal grunge sex, and a pissed off probation officer bring everything to a head. With the help of his cousin (Brent Corrigan) and his uncle (JJ Knight), Tom realizes it’s time to leave his Texas Neverland for the real world. The only question is… can he do it?


Men’s Health South Africa — November 2017

Sexy, cheeky and downright stunning bloke Aarin Asker is full of surprises. Representing full on American charm and big broad smiles he tells us a little about his personal likes and dislikes.


August Man Singapore — November 2017

Issue 136 cover 
 QX Men - November 2017


There are no sufficient words how to excuse the longest delay yet :/ I am so sorry :/ Ok, there is one way.. a new content! Let’s start with Randy Blue‘s discovery, Derrek Diamond who recently appeared at a redesigned online version of Men Magazine, Premium. Enjoy these amazing pics.

Bad Cop Dakota Rivers Strips His Uniform 01 

 Bad Cop Dakota Rivers Strips His Uniform in a hot photo shoot for “Bad Cop 2: Scene 1” at TITAN MEN


 Enter a fetishistic fantasy realm where the men are natural, the sex is instinctual,

 Pornopeludos retro : Antonio Moreiro (1989)

OUT - November 2017 
 OUT - November 2017
 English | 96 pages | True PDF | 21 MB

Cosmopolitan Nederland - Oktober 2017
Cosmopolitan Nederland - Oktober 2017
Dutch | 148 pages | True PDF | 24 MB

Gay porn star Sean Duran (Naked Sword)

“After being instructed to strap a monitoring device around his ankle Falcon Exclusive Brent Corrigan is forced to perform a series of bizarre sex acts and challenges or risk suffering a severe electric shock.

male model Ronnie Kroell Playgirl nude penis 

 You may remember Ronnie Kroell as a contestant from the first season of America’s Make Me A Supermodel reality show. Ronnie cleverly capitalised on his exposure on the series, baring all in the highly anticipated Playgirl spread.

 Randy Blue‘s porn star Jeremy Walker covers the newest issue of the Men Magazine.


Rough & Tough Boys are the sort of lads who don’t do well sitting still; you won’t find them revising for school or working behind a desk. They’ve gotta put their fit young bodies to work, and when you’re a young man with energy to burn, that means a whole lot of sex, too! Young soldiers in the army, juvenile offenders, and hardworking labourers, they’re all keen on a stiff cock or a tight arse and having it off!

 Get ready to get ripped and sweaty with the bodybuilders and instructors of ‘The Trainer:

Muscle & Fitness USA - November 2017
Muscle & Fitness USA - November 2017
English | 204 pages | True PDF | 74 MB

PDF  |  13 PAGES |1 MB
Lock the doors, bolt the windows and call the police… on second thoughts, don’t bother! When the intruders and hostages are this hot, just send us inside and we’ll happily negotiate with the criminals – armed with some lube and an eager hole.

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